Currently working on an assignment for my professional practice class. I'm doing a promotional poster for Mannheim Steamroller, a music group known primarily for their recordings of classical christmas music. Their music has a spectrum of different musical styles. While some of their songs have a medieval and classical vibe, many others are presented in a whimsical and almost quirky tone with synthesized sound effects, whistles and bells.

In this piece, I focused on the whimsical and dream-like qualities of their songs while trying to weave in some classical elements of christmas.

I decided to show part of the process from an early thumbnail to the final drawing...

After sketching out pages and pages of small doodles and thumbnails, I picked out the concept that I felt was strongest and developed it into a more solid sketch.

I then printed out the sketch at full size and transferred the image onto my final paper using a light table. I do this very lightly in a loose gesture, so I don't focus too much on making everything look precise and perfect, which can actually suck the life out of a drawing.

Once I having everything mapped out on my paper, I go over the lines with a darker pencil and finalize the drawing.

Although it is still in progress, here is the final drawing roughly pieced together in photoshop. I will have to get a proper scan tomorrow when the labs are open.


Having some problems with my blog, so I had to re post all of the entries that have been posted in the past few months. Everything will be back to normal soon! New design is on the way too! ;)

While I do have a general portfolio of the projects that I have done throughout my CCAD career, I've picked two pieces from last year that I feel have potential to be in my professional portfolio once I graduate. I'd also like to get them up on this blog as I have never actually posted the final pieces.

Here is another portrait from my drawing class..

Decided to scan in some drawings I have done so far in my Portrait drawing class. So far it has been quite enjoyable and it is always fun pushing my drawing and observational skills to new levels. The teacher is pretty fun too!

Here is part of a project I turned in today. I still want to go into it some more and add in some more details along with a few color adjustments before i post the full image...

I have been given the freedom to develop some portfolio pieces in my painting techniques class, so I have decided to do some timeless illustrations with a small series of fairy tales. I have actually been wanting to do some personal illustrations regarding fairy tales for awhile. I am attracted to the original versions, which can have some very dark and mature undertones to them. With these pieces I'd like to bring out those darker elements and develop a fresh spin on something that has been illustrated many times before.

The first piece is Beauty and the Beast, and although the Disney version has inspired some of the elements, I am staying far away from that look and feel.

Im attempting to make the beast appear more like a mutated form, with glowing eyes and a scarred/ disfigured face. Within his figure will be Belle, framed by what will be carved Victorian motifs emerging out a rose/rose pedals. I plan on making the roses a more graphic element throughout the piece...

Still some issues in the overall composition with spacing and clarity, but its just the first rough sketch. :)

I am a few weeks into my senior year at CCAD and it has been going good so far. I decided to start a new blog that I plan on updating a little more frequently with not only my art, but information on people I like to follow along with images/ readings that inspire me. It is also time that I put my past artwork aside and dedicate this blog to the development of my professional portfolio and beyond.

I am currently developing a brand for myself as an illustrator, so as the year goes on the look of my blog will slowly transform into a look the best represents me and my artwork.

To start things off, I have a rough sketch of a promotional self portrait that I plan to have tie in with my logo and branding. I'm all about ethereal and surreal elements in art, which has slowly been transforming my work over the past year.

I tried to let loose in this piece and just let my imagination decide what was going to happen.

Feeling pretty excited to get the final drawing going!