I am a few weeks into my senior year at CCAD and it has been going good so far. I decided to start a new blog that I plan on updating a little more frequently with not only my art, but information on people I like to follow along with images/ readings that inspire me. It is also time that I put my past artwork aside and dedicate this blog to the development of my professional portfolio and beyond.

I am currently developing a brand for myself as an illustrator, so as the year goes on the look of my blog will slowly transform into a look the best represents me and my artwork.

To start things off, I have a rough sketch of a promotional self portrait that I plan to have tie in with my logo and branding. I'm all about ethereal and surreal elements in art, which has slowly been transforming my work over the past year.

I tried to let loose in this piece and just let my imagination decide what was going to happen.

Feeling pretty excited to get the final drawing going!

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