I have been given the freedom to develop some portfolio pieces in my painting techniques class, so I have decided to do some timeless illustrations with a small series of fairy tales. I have actually been wanting to do some personal illustrations regarding fairy tales for awhile. I am attracted to the original versions, which can have some very dark and mature undertones to them. With these pieces I'd like to bring out those darker elements and develop a fresh spin on something that has been illustrated many times before.

The first piece is Beauty and the Beast, and although the Disney version has inspired some of the elements, I am staying far away from that look and feel.

Im attempting to make the beast appear more like a mutated form, with glowing eyes and a scarred/ disfigured face. Within his figure will be Belle, framed by what will be carved Victorian motifs emerging out a rose/rose pedals. I plan on making the roses a more graphic element throughout the piece...

Still some issues in the overall composition with spacing and clarity, but its just the first rough sketch. :)

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