Currently working on an assignment for my professional practice class. I'm doing a promotional poster for Mannheim Steamroller, a music group known primarily for their recordings of classical christmas music. Their music has a spectrum of different musical styles. While some of their songs have a medieval and classical vibe, many others are presented in a whimsical and almost quirky tone with synthesized sound effects, whistles and bells.

In this piece, I focused on the whimsical and dream-like qualities of their songs while trying to weave in some classical elements of christmas.

I decided to show part of the process from an early thumbnail to the final drawing...

After sketching out pages and pages of small doodles and thumbnails, I picked out the concept that I felt was strongest and developed it into a more solid sketch.

I then printed out the sketch at full size and transferred the image onto my final paper using a light table. I do this very lightly in a loose gesture, so I don't focus too much on making everything look precise and perfect, which can actually suck the life out of a drawing.

Once I having everything mapped out on my paper, I go over the lines with a darker pencil and finalize the drawing.

Although it is still in progress, here is the final drawing roughly pieced together in photoshop. I will have to get a proper scan tomorrow when the labs are open.

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