Well here we are! The half way point of my senior year, which is pretty exciting yet scary to think about!

This is my final Illustration for this semester, and I decided to take a much more simple route, considering I only had a week to put this together...

The assignment was to find an old comic book cover and redo it in our own style. I Didn't really know what direction to go with this project, and then I found Casper, which provided a series of fun little illustrations to choose from. This cover was a really fun project, and I managed to get it together pretty quickly making my finals week a much less stressful experience!

Can't wait to get this week done with! It is time I sit back, relax, and stuff my face with christmas cookies! :)


* Having some problems with the image links. Will fix asap.*

After many hours of work, I've finally completed my poster for Mannheim Steamroller! It has been quite a process, but the result was well worth it.

In my previous post, i briefly went over my process for the first half of the assignment. Well, here's a look at how the final illustration progressed from beginning to finish:

I started the piece out by laying down flat colors underneath the line layer. I keep the flats all in one layer, at separate values or colors from the one next to it. This allows me to select each shape with the magic wand tool, allowing me to apply any changes without affecting any areas outside of the selection. This makes applying textures and gradients to a certain area very quick and easy. Once I got everything laid out, I started adjusting colors and values along with adding some simple gradients. I then began laying in the more subtle details and textures throughout the piece until I arrive at this point:

The final illustration! Really pleased with how it turned out. There is always room for improvement, but for now I will be proud and bask in it's bright and shiny christmas glory! :)