My figure drawing class has been using cintiq's for the past few sessions. I've taken a class that focused on digital figure drawing before, but I forgot how fun it was to draw on one of these things! I'd love to invest in one sometime, but that will always remain a dream..*sigh*


I've been working non stop on my list of the things needed for Directions. It is coming up way too fast, and I am not ready for it. I'm getting there!

I've finally come up with some solid layouts for my promotional prints/ leave behinds and business cards:

For the business cards (left), I decided to do alternative back designs of most of my pieces in my portfolio. I plan to lay them all out to give a miniature overview of my work. I thought it would also be fun to have the opportunity to choose a card with a favored illustration. I plan to print these off with 10 of each design. The same concept applies to my promotional printouts/leave behinds (right), but I'm going with a smaller selection of illustrations for those.

I found a useful site that has a few examples of illustration promos that helped me out with ideas for layouts, and hopefully they inspire you as well:

Everything is slowly coming together! :D


Here is my preliminary drawing for Pinocchio!
I'd like to design some more elegant frames that mach the illustrations, but for now the rounded rectangle works. :D


On a side note, I am crazy when it comes to following blogs. I stalk them like crazy to constantly see what my friends and favorite artists are up to. A few months ago, a new blog was created which is run by a few of todays top illustrators. The blog, named Muddy Colors offers a lot of advice about the illustration world, personal processes to developing an illustration, and recently have begun doing critiques for those who are looking for professional input.

It's really a great source of information, and If you don't follow it already, you should. right now.

I've been spending the last couple of days working on my independent drawing series, which I seriously need to catch up on. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I am doing a series of fairy-tale illustrations reinterpreted in my current style. Here is what I have so far for Little Red Riding Hood. My goal is to illustrate a darker atmosphere while still maintaining a fun and whimsical children's book feel. I wanted to portray the wolf as something made of a black smoke or fog that travels throughout the woods (no, I was not inspired by Lost).


I am in the process of updating and finalizing my business card designs along with my resume. I'd like to use a variety of different art samples for the back of the card, so hopefully I can get that worked out. I'm planning on printing these out within the next few days!


Spring Break is here! I finally have the chance to catch up on my giant to do list. First up, revamping my logo. I've grown very tired of the original design, and I can't stand looking at it anymore. oi. I wanted to improve the drawing and develop it into something more compact so it is easier to place into smaller dimensions.

Much more pleased with it now. :)


After many hours of work, I have finally reached a finishing point with my Beatles album cover! I'm glad to see this illustration has evolved into what I feel is a strong depiction of how I interpret the overall tone of The Beatles. At times it was fun, and other times it was just frustrating, as there were many moments where I was not sure what direction to take the piece. The end result makes all of the challenges worth it, as always!

I'd like to add subtle details and tweaks to the figures, but for now I am done with this piece.
woot! :D


Here is a something I made for fun during winter break. I was trying to develop a certain technique for future illustrations. I started this out with pencil and watercolor washes, and then painted over it in photoshop. Id like my work to have a more traditional painterly texture in them, and I feel this was a good experiment that put me in the right direction. It's a little more time consuming for me though, so I won't be able to experiment with it more until summer comes around...

So here is a project I am slowly catching up on. I am in a children's illustration class, and the project is pretty straightforward. Develop a story and illustrate it. Thankfully we are only required to finalize a few of the pages.

The above is a drawing i am working on for my story, written by the wonderful Jeanette Bowman. It is mainly about a boy who discovers the powers of his imagination! Unfortunately, he is unable to control it, so the the crazy whimsical images in his head become a reality. This illustration shows us a bustling city of people celebrating a parade as the balloons transition into planets in space. Still working out a few details, as I'm not sure it reads as a parade at first glance...

I will be illustrating another 2-page spread from the story along with the cover.


Another drawing I did in class today, yay for wrinkled clothes!


I have finally started up my next illustration! I have been wanting to do something with The Beatles for awhile now, and I finally feel that I am capable of doing it right. Huge inspiration from NC Wyeth here with the figures walking among the large, sweeping, airy clouds
Just a few more changes with the drawing and its onto the final! This one is gonna be a bit more time consuming...


Felt like posting some of my drawings from figure drawing up here.
I spent about 2 hours on each pose.
This model is really fun to draw, with his gnarled arm and bony body, it's easier to exaggerate things more.

Working on A LOT of projects right now, so I'll be posting a lot of sketches in the next few days.
The Beatles, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, a massive city parade, giant monsters, and crazy creatures comin' right up! :D