After many hours of work, I have finally reached a finishing point with my Beatles album cover! I'm glad to see this illustration has evolved into what I feel is a strong depiction of how I interpret the overall tone of The Beatles. At times it was fun, and other times it was just frustrating, as there were many moments where I was not sure what direction to take the piece. The end result makes all of the challenges worth it, as always!

I'd like to add subtle details and tweaks to the figures, but for now I am done with this piece.
woot! :D

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  1. oh goodness, this piece is VERY NICE. the figures are wonderful, i love how you worked your swirls into them. ^_^ the sky is awesome, it kind of reminds me of what the sky looks like after a storm when the sun starts to break through. "here comes the sun ..." ^_^