I've been spending the last couple of days working on my independent drawing series, which I seriously need to catch up on. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I am doing a series of fairy-tale illustrations reinterpreted in my current style. Here is what I have so far for Little Red Riding Hood. My goal is to illustrate a darker atmosphere while still maintaining a fun and whimsical children's book feel. I wanted to portray the wolf as something made of a black smoke or fog that travels throughout the woods (no, I was not inspired by Lost).


  1. oh my, so BEAUTIFUL! ^_^ are these going to be done in color? though i'm going to guess no since it's for a drawing class. though it would be interesting to see them in color ... your swirls seem even more magical in color. ^_^

  2. I would like to do them in color. I wanted to present them both as a drawing and a final colored illustration. I'm considering asking Groff to do the final colored versions for my last assignment, if he'll allow that. Depends on how much time i have with everything else.