My figure drawing class has been using cintiq's for the past few sessions. I've taken a class that focused on digital figure drawing before, but I forgot how fun it was to draw on one of these things! I'd love to invest in one sometime, but that will always remain a dream..*sigh*


I've been working non stop on my list of the things needed for Directions. It is coming up way too fast, and I am not ready for it. I'm getting there!

I've finally come up with some solid layouts for my promotional prints/ leave behinds and business cards:

For the business cards (left), I decided to do alternative back designs of most of my pieces in my portfolio. I plan to lay them all out to give a miniature overview of my work. I thought it would also be fun to have the opportunity to choose a card with a favored illustration. I plan to print these off with 10 of each design. The same concept applies to my promotional printouts/leave behinds (right), but I'm going with a smaller selection of illustrations for those.

I found a useful site that has a few examples of illustration promos that helped me out with ideas for layouts, and hopefully they inspire you as well:

Everything is slowly coming together! :D

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