So here is a project I am slowly catching up on. I am in a children's illustration class, and the project is pretty straightforward. Develop a story and illustrate it. Thankfully we are only required to finalize a few of the pages.

The above is a drawing i am working on for my story, written by the wonderful Jeanette Bowman. It is mainly about a boy who discovers the powers of his imagination! Unfortunately, he is unable to control it, so the the crazy whimsical images in his head become a reality. This illustration shows us a bustling city of people celebrating a parade as the balloons transition into planets in space. Still working out a few details, as I'm not sure it reads as a parade at first glance...

I will be illustrating another 2-page spread from the story along with the cover.

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  1. WOW, it looks great so far, you truly are the master of swirls! ^_^ i can't wait to see the other pages.