I can't even begin to explain how busy and stressful these past few weeks have been! I have definitely been pushed to my limits in patience and overall dedication to my work. As the end of my senior year quickly approaches, I have been working long hours finishing projects, assembling my portfolio and writing TONS of papers. Even with the lack of time I still give my illustrations everything I can offer. I continue to find ways to develop them into an even stronger and more personal style than the last, and it is always a rewarding experience.

The above are some progress shots of one of my last illustrations as a CCAD student! It will serve as a promotional piece that suggests what viewers will find in my body of work.
Nothing like playing with sidewalk chalk in the shade on a nice sunny day. I really like how it is turning out so far. Should be done later today!



I've been tweaking this illustration for the past couple of days, and I think I'm pretty satisfied with where it is at. It is a 2 page spread for a children's book that I am designing in class. In short, the story involves a young boy who discovers how to turn his daydreams into a reality.

My next step is adding in the text, so I'll be posting an updated version in the next day or so. :D


Some progress on fairy tale #3, Beauty and the Beast.
A lot of illustrations done in the past portray the death of the Beast. It is a very powerful and emotional moment in the story. For my interpretation, I wanted to illustrate not only his death but his transformation as well. In my interpretation, Belle's tears and confession of love cause the Beast's curse to melt and peel off from his body. The spell then burns into a magical aura, slowly revealing the prince.

After many hours of preliminary sketches and studies, I'm finally ready to begin the final illustrations of these 3 fairy tales! There's a possibility that I can get them done in time for Directions, which would be AWESOME. Just gotta stay focused...