New project: Aviator

Hey there!

It's been awhile since I have updated anything with my illustration portfolio. After graduation, I found myself completely burnt out. I took a break from art for a majority of the summer to relax and refuel on inspiration and ideas. Now I am back, and have a completely new list of ideas that I am really excited about! I consider this piece I'm working on now as a warm up and an opportunity to try out a few new techniques.

Current progress:

Getting ready to move into the final phase of this illustration. I'm going to add some painting and colored pencils in the mix this time. Should be interesting! For more frequent updates on the process of this piece, I will be posting progress shots on my twitter and Facebook page, so be sure to follow me and keep an eye out! :D

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  1. yeah! you updated! and it was well worth the wait. ^_^ AWESOME piece, i look forward to see what you do to it with paint and colored pencils.